Potassium Humate

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Potassium Humate 85%

Potassium Humate 85% Fertilizer is Organic Fertilizer with  85% water solubility and comprises 60% humic acid and 10% potassium. The potassium Humate is readily dissolved without dust which is available in Humate powder. The higher solubility of the product facilitates a complete fusion with other soluble fertilizer which is vital to reduce the lockup rate of soluble phosphate sources.

Foliar Application:
 Increased biomass production
Increases yield and improves quality of plants
Improves² nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
Improves the effectiveness of micronutrients

Soil Application:
Reduces nutrient losses
Improves nutrient uptake by the root system
Promotes root development
Improves the soil structure





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·         Potassium Humate 95%

The Potassium Humate 95% that our company produces is a unique product with both acid and alkaline soluble humate presence. It gets dissolved completely, when directly added to fertilizers, micronutrient, or biostimulant formulations of any pH. It enables the user to apply this humate in direct tank mix, drip irrigation and fertigation or acid soil applications that are unacceptable for conventional products.

Benefits of our product are as follows :

    • Superior ion exchange ability
    • Higher redissolving properties
    • Full water solubility
    • Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pumping
    • Exceptional salt tolerance feature
    • Complex micronutrients





·         Super potassium F humate

The Super potassium F humate produced by our company is 100% water soluble with 75% potassium humate and powdered form fulvic acid 15%. It is thick concentrate of humic substance that contains humic and fulvic acids. Good quality leodranite and various biologically active trace elements as humic & fulvic acid complexes are used. One of the key components present in soil is fulvic acid that cuts down the metal ions and as it has ability to dissolve soil minerals. Our product enhances the availability of nutrition and metal fulvic complexes that are proficient in entering plant cells. Our product not only reduces nutrient loss but also improves it from root system. It promotes the root development and improves the structure of the soil. The prescribed dosage of this product is 2 gram/10 liter that can also be diluted as 15% and repacked in bottle.

Foliar Application :

    • Improves the efficiency of pesticides.
    • Stimulates the growth of the plant by increasing biomass production
    • Increases the nutritional value of the plant
    • Improves the quality of plant as it increases the yielding

Drip Irrigation :

    • Vegetables, Flowers – 150g – 200g/acre
    • Fruit Trees, Banana – 200g – 400g/acre