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ACTIV-BOOST : Plant Growth Booster

We are engaged in offering Plant Growth boosters, stimulants, regulators that are necessary for farming as they promote the growth of plants. We use certain effective formulations that stimulate the growth of plants. The produce of the plants will not have any harmful effects. These are most beneficial for plants and we receive high demands for these products.

We offer the most beneficial Plant Growth Regulator called the ACTIV-BOOST Plant Growth Booster that contains an effective formulation of NATCA, Humic Acid, Folic Acid, Natural Brassinolides & Fulvic Acid. These regulators increase the size of the flowers and prevents from dropping at a pre stage or early stage.

The features are as follows:

• Composition: NATCA, Humic Acid, Folic Acid, Natural Brassinolides & Fulvic Acid.


Benefits of ACTIV-BOOST plant growth booster:
• Accelerates germination
• Improves nutrient uptake
• Stimulates white fiberous root development
• Increase no. of. Flowers and to prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers
• Assures a significantly higher yield with improved quality and taste

• Dose: 3.00 to 4 ml of ACTIV-BOOST in 1 Liter of water

Recommended Crops: All Vegetables & Agricultural Crops, Horticulture, Floriculture & Gardens

Used as on: At any time

• Compatibility: Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR

Pack In: HDPE bottles

Packing Available: 250 ml/ 500 ml / 1 l / 5 l

Bulk Packing: 200 l HDPE Containers




Sixteen plant food nutrients are essential for proper crop development. Each is equally important to the plant, yet each is required in vastly different amounts. These differences have led to the grouping of these essential elements into three categories; primary (macro) nutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. PRIMARY (MACRO) NUTRIENTS Primary (macro) nutrients …