Organic Micronutrient Chelates


Organic micronutrient chelates consist of oxides, carbonates and metallic salts such as sulfates, chlorides and nitrates.

Some of the most common salts that are present in our product are sulfates of Cu, Mn and Zn that are used in the fertilizer industry because of their high water solubility and plant availability.

Our range include organic micronutrient chelates, fulvic chelates, plant micronutrients, organic micronutrients, etc.

The Fulvic Chelates produced by our company are 100% water soluble.

Our product increases the plat metabolism as this is a plant growth stimulator and helps in development of the root. It rejuvenates the soil as fulvic chelates are naturally created in the soil by composting.

Our product is an outstanding supplement to fertilizers that improves nutrient absorption and a source of nutrients for mycorrhizae. Fulvic acid works as a chelating agent and hold nutrients of the plant for long. This should be used with 95% common fertilizers and 5% fulvic acid as adding fulvic acid ensures quicker and better results.