NATCA N-Acetyl Thiazolidine ­4 ­Carboxylic Acid


NATCA N-Acetyl Thiazolidine ­4 ­Carboxylic Acid

We assure you our full technical support. Please note that (NATCA) ­ N-Acetyl Thiazolidine4 ­Carboxylic Acid. product more effective and stable. NATCA (formulation) is a basic organic biostimulantnutrient anti stress, which leads, when used at recommended doses during the proper periods, to satisfactory productive results. In fact, bio stimulator improves general health and biochemical characteristics of plants; it determines a considerable increase in both fruit quality and production of quantity. This formulation acts to assist in the complete utilization of physiological reserves of the vegetating plant and to stimulate the normal metabolic process. Plants treated with NATCA show a greater resistance to hard growing conditions, since the bio stimulator helps the plant to overcome critical periods throughout the entire growing cycle. NATCA­ FORMULATION can be sprayed to the leaf in combined with normal applications containing fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, and weed killers, without provoking phytotoxicity. On the contrary, combined administration has proved to determine marked synergic action which reinforces the effectiveness of the treatment and prevents a shock reaction in the plants being treated.

Composition:  N­acetyl­thiazolidine ­4 ­carboxylic acid (NATCA): 98,0%  Folic acid: 0,1%  Additives and diluents: up to 100% 

Buffered solution NATCA FORMULATION may be applied to plant by itself or mixed with liquid fertilizers or with the most common pesticides. It is recommendable to wet the vegetation very well with product, using volumes of 200­:300 liters of water per ac. for herbaceous crops and 500 liters of water for trees (per Ac.).

Recommended dose : 1-2gm per litre with water, stir the solution properly and use as spray / in drip irrigation.




Better fruit ­setting                                    Pear, Apple, Cherry, Pepper, Tomato


Greater vegetative growth                       All crops


Greater development of                           Rice, Cotton, Wheat, Barley


Improved fruit quality characteristics

hypogeoussystem                                    Melon, strawberry, Tomato, squash, Grapes, apple, pear, peach


Increase in sugar content                        Sugar beet, Grapes, Mango, plum, Melon,Watermelon Increased


Resistance to climatic shock/ attack         All crops


Early flowering                                         Tomato, Chiles, hot pepper, pepper,Eggplant, Onion, Chick pea


Early ripening                                           Watermelon, melon, strawberry, Tomato,pepper, wheat


More number of fruit / buds                      Most tree crops


Reduction of fruit and flower drop            Most tree crops


Reduction of yellowing processes            All crops


Reduction of alternate bearing phenomena          Apricot, plum