Natural Brassinolides Fertilizer of plant origin that occurs in almost all different plant species. They were first isolated from the pollen of brassica napus (a close relative of mustard). It contains natural NPK, Micronutrients and Trace Elements. It promotes the plant growth and flowering.The potential of these chemicals are used in various crops such as grapes, tea, paddy, vegetables, watermelon and chillies.

The Natural Brassinolides Fertilizer imported by our company are chemicals that occur naturally as plant extract with NPK and are a new type of Organic Fertilizer. These are produced by sophisticated and unique enzyme process extracting technology. Due to this technology a positive effect is evident in the crops, tea, fruits, vegetables and flowers in India as well as abroad.

It comes in package of 5g – 500g sachet

  • Advantage of our product
    • Encourages growth, yield and improving quality.
    • Promoting fruit’s enlargement and increase the percentage of fruit setting
    • Increasing weight of fruits
    • Cold and drought resistance
    • Disease resistance
    • Differentiation in tissue culture
    • Reduce the harmful effect of fungicides, herbicides and pesticide
    • Increase in seeds and germination percentage
    • When applied 10-15 days before harvesting, it increases the natural preservation value
    • Reduces fruit dropping and flowering

Application Procedure

Dilute 5gm in 50 liters of water and spray on the crop foliage and can be mixed and applied with acidic or neutral pesticides. Our product has no side effect even if higher dose is given but should be avoid using with alkaline pesticides.