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Tobacco Sucker Control


AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent is a contact type suckericide made from natural fattly
alcohols to control suckers in tobacco crops. Application of AXE-11 liquid suckericide
improves quality and quantity of tobacco crop. On application of AXE-11 liquid suckericide
labour cost is decreased and yield of tobacco increases by 25% – 35%.
AXE-11 will not leave any residues on the crop.

Note : Topping stage is of importance for yield production in tobacco to improve plant growth, leaf size development, improved quantity and quality. Moreover, application of AXE – 11 suckericide in early button stage can control suckers better than flowering stage.

How to apply:

1 litre AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent should be mixed with 20 litres water (1:20) Mix thoroughly to form uniform mixture. Apply the solution using an applicator after topping from top to bottom in clear weather between 10.00am to 4.00pm

AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent shall be applied on requirement.


Packing Available in 2.5 litre HDPE jerry can