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Azadirachtin Technical Powder



Azadirachtin Technical Powder
Azadirachtin EC 0.03 %        (Oil Based)
Azadirachtin EC 0.03 %        (Solvent Based)
Azadirachtin EC 0.15 %        (Oil Based)
Azadirachtin EC 0.15%         (Solvent Based)
Azadirachtin EC 0.3%
Azadirachtin EC 1.0%
Azadirachtin EC 3.0%
Azadirachtin EC 5.0%

Azadirachtin Natural 0-2250 ppm in Neem Oil, Azadirachtin Technical (10 – 44.5 %), Azadirachtin formulations from 300-50000 ppm, Azadirachtin Uses, Azadirachtin Mode of Action, Azadirachtin Chemistry, for Researchers, Universities & Companies Azadirachtin in Neem Oil (50-2250 ppm), in Extracts: Powder (7 % to 41.77 %) & Formulations (300 to 50000 ppm)


Modern science has isolated & identified AZADIRACHTIN as the chief ingredient in neem seed responsible for the Action on the pests.

    • Empirical formula :C 35 H 44 O 16
    • Molecular weight :720
    • Chemical family :Tetranortriterpenoids


    • -Disturbing or inhibiting the development of the eggs,
    • larvae, or pupae.
    • Blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs.
    • Disturbing mating and sexual communication.
    • Repelling larvae and adults.
    • Deterring females from laying eggs.
    • Sterilising adults
    • Deterring feeding


AZADIRACHTIN is Naturally found in neem seed Kernel. Depending on the method of extraction and the choice of the Neem Fruits / Seeds /













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