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AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent is a contact type suckericide made from natural fattly

alcohols to control suckers in tobacco crops. Application of AXE-11 liquid suckericide

improves quality and quantity of tobacco crop. On application of AXE-11 liquid suckericide

labour cost is decreased and yield of tobacco increases by 25% – 35%.

AXE-11 will not leave any residues on the crop.

Note : 

Topping stage is of importance for yield production in tobacco to improve plant growth, leaf size development, improved quantity and quality. Moreover, application of AXE – 11 suckericide in early button stage can control suckers better than flowering stage.

How to apply :

1 litre AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent should be mixed with 20 litres water (1:20) Mix

thoroughly to form uniform mixture.

Apply the solution using an applicator after topping from top to bottom in clear weather

between 10.00am to 4.00pm

AXE-11 liquid de-suckering agent shall be applied on requirement.


Packing Available

                      2.5 Litres HDPE jerry can

                      50 Litres HDPE Drum

                      200 Litres HDPE Barrel

                      20000 Litres Tanker



After Care in Tobacco Cultivation

A) Intercultivation:

1. Transplanted tobacco seedlings get established within 10 days then gap filling is done.
2. Frequent hoeing and weedings are given to conserve soil moisture and to check weed growth.
3. 2 to 3 hoeings are given at 15 days interval.
4. One hand weeding is given to loose the soil and slight earthing up.

B) Topping and Desuckering:

1. Removal of the terminal bud with or without some of the small top leaves just before or a after the emergence of the flower head is called as topping in tobacco.
2. In M. S. bidi tobacco is topped by retaining 13 to 15 leaves on the plant.
3. One week after topping branches are arise from the axils of the leaves known as suckers.
4. These suckers are removed before attaining 5 cm length known as desuckering.
5. Desuckering operation is done for two to three times manually or using sucker control agent.
6. Both topping and desuckering operations help to divert the nutrients and energy towards the leaves.
7. This results in increase in the size and quality of leaves.

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