Neem Granules


lotus export=neem granules

Neem  granules are used as a natural and environmental friendly fertilizer and manure in farming and agriculture. Neem granules is the residue left after oil has been extracted from neem seeds or kernel. It has the highest azadirachtin content as compared to other parts of the neem tree.

Chemical Composition of Neem Granules

Nitrogen 2.56%
Phosphorous 0.83%
Potassium 1.67%
Calcium 0.99%
Magnesium 0.75%

Benefits of Neem Granules

    • 100% natural and without any side effects
    • Less quantity is required as compared to synthetic fertilizers
    • The alkalinity of the soil is reduced by calcium and magnesium present in the    product.
    • Non toxic
    • Pest repellent



It is recommended for all crops like vegetables, Fruit crops, Tubers, other broad acre crops such as Sugarcane, Grapes, Cotton, Rice, Banana and plantation crops like Cardamom, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Sunflower, Maize, Groundnut,  etc.


Broad acre crops: 80-120 kgs/acre will stimulate plant growth by regulating the physical properties of the soil.

Established Plants: 50-80 grams per sq.metre lightly raked under the area covered by plant canopy.

Vegetable and Flower Gardens: 30-50 grams per sq.metre to mix thoroughly in soil.


Packing Available : 25 Kgs.


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