Shade net 90% UV stabilized <1.5mtr x 50mtr>



Shade net 90% U.V. stabilised <4.5mtr x 50mtr>
shade net

Color : Green

Shading Percentage : 90%

Size (width and length) : 1.5 m (width) X 50 m (length)

Lotus Export is a leading producer and exporter of high quality shade net in Anand, Gujarat, India. The Shade net is manufactured with best quality ultra violet stabilizers in the high concentration with the latest technical knowledge.

Agro Shade Net is being used in various fields like net House, Green House, Horticulture and Floriculture, Garden and Nursery, Tea Garden, Animal husbandry, Vermi compost, Poultry farming etc.

How and where Shade net is implemented for various benefits :
Shade net Helps in horticulture, floriculture, vegetables plants, medicinal and aromatic plants & spices.

Shade net is Used for raising seedlings in nurseries of fruits and vegetables cultivation.

Shade net Helps to enhance yield during summer season.

Shade net gives Protection against pest attack.

Shade net protects crops from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail, frost, snow, bird, insects.

Shade net is Used in production of saplings and reducing its mortality during summer days.

Shade net is used for hardening of tissue culture plants.

Shade net Helps in drying of various agro products under shade.

Shade net Helps in creating favourable environment for production of Vermi compost fertilizer.

Shade net helps in animal husbandry shed, Fish farming pond, Poultry Farming to controll temperature.

Shade net is used in Greenhouse, terrace gardening, fence & wind break.

Shade net is used as safety nets in repair & construction of buildings.