Shade net 40% UV stabilized (4.5mtr x 50mtr)



Shade net 40% U.V. stabilised (4.5mtr x 50mtr)

shade net 40

Color : Green x Black

Shading Ratio : 40%

Size (width and length) : 4.5 m (width) X 50 m (length)

Usually we get shade net in 30%, 40%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 95% percent of light penetration. If we say shade net has 40% ratio, that means it will reduce 40% percent of sun light and provide 60% of light to plants. In this way you can select shade net as per your need.

Lotus Export offers high quality shade net U.V. Stabilized in Anand, Gujarat, India.

Shade Net is used in Agriculture sector like :

Net House
Green House
Tea Gardens
Animal husbandry
Vermi compost units
Poultry farming shed
How shade net helps and benefits us :

Shade net helps in horticulture, floriculture, vegetables plants, medicinal and aromatic plants & spices.

Shade net used for raising seedlings in nurseries of fruits and vegetables cultivation.

Shade net protects crops/plants from excessive sunlight and reduces water evaporation.

Shade net helps to enhance yield during summer season.

Shade net gives protection against pest attack.

Shade net prevents crops from calamities like heavy wind and rain.

Shade net protects crops from bird and insects.

Shade net reduces mortality of saplings during summer days.

Shade net hardens tissue culture plants.

Shade net lets uniform shade for drying of agriculture products.

Shade net creates favourable environment for production of Vermi compost fertilizer unit.

Shade net controls tempertaure in animal husbandry shed, aquaculture, Poultry Farming.

Shade net used in net house, greenhouse, terrace gardening, fence & wind break.

Shade net as safety net in repair & construction of buildings.

Even shade net is best option for flower production. Shade net plays important role in building vegetable crop nursery, all fruit crop nursery. Shade net develops vegetable & fruit crop seedlings.