Banana Suckericide

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MUSA-8 de-suckering agent offered by us is an exclusive range of Banana Suckericide. MUSA-8 de-suckering agent is a contact type suckericide. MUSA-8 suckericide is made from natural fatty alcohols. Which helps in removing suckers arising from the base of banana plants.

On applying Banana suckericide, reacts with banana base suckers arising nearby the mother plant. And eliminates suckers within 5-10 days and improves quality and quantity of banana fruit. 

Using MUSA-8 suckericide labour cost decreases and growth of banana mother plant increases. Yield of banana fruit increases by 25% – 35%. 

No side effects on the Banana mother plant  and root zone level found. Thus Musa-8 sucker control agent plays an important role in Banana plant growth


How to Apply Banana Suckericide

Keeping too many sucking plants will reduce yields. It is advisable to remove all suckers once the desired followers are selected.

Cut the unwanted suckers / side shoots.  Four inch above the field level horizontal arising near the mother banana plant.

After cutting the unwanted suckers / side shoots.  Wait for 30 minutes so that liquid stored in the shoot releases.

Now pierce the central part of the sucker with a knife or sharpened pencil shape stick. So that  the sucker can hold just 2 – 3 drops of MUSA-8 suckericide at the top.

The treated suckers turns into brown/black in color. Within few days suckers / side shoots  will be no more in existence.


Recommendation dosage : Banana Suckericide

2 – 3 drops of MUSA-8 suckericide applied on the pierced sucker / side shoot.


Packing Available :

1 Litre, 5 Litres, 50 Litres & 200 Litres HDPE Drums.


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